22 février 2010

6 plus 6 Ways to Fail and Succeed in Leveraging Cloud Computing for Business !

- Point of View - Loic Simon - Club Alliances

Cloud Computing is the new Grail for IT vendors, but Mid Market CIOs still wonder why and how to leverage "the Cloud" to develop the Business.

Here are 6 common ways to fail with Cloud Computing for Business :

[1] View cloud computing just as another Fad
[2] Consider cloud computing as a mere technology or infrastructure issue
[3] View cloud computing solely as a flexible IT provisioning and billing mechanism
[4] Start cloud computing as a complex IT infrastructure Project
[5] Think that reducing Opex means growing Capex.
[6] Add "Cloud Computing" in projects, but change nothing else.

Now, here are 6 routes you may want to follow to leverage Cloud Computing for Business, now !

[1] Start now by implementing any SaaS or hosted business solution
[2] Think business usage and benefits for LOB and real users
[3] Learn the true business impact of multitenant BPaaS and SaaS solutions
[4] Just do it : Pilot, test, try, learn, refine
[5] Don't over-invest, pay for what you use, but use it now !
[6] Literally think "Outside of the Box", even if it means not using true cloud computing.

In “Club Alliances”, we believe in leveraging the power of networks of software developers, business integrators, experts and vendors to assemble and deliver "Solutions-as-a-Service" to businesses.
We leverage cloud computing components like SaaS whenever they are already relevant, but more importantly, we focus on business use and benefits.

And so should you, too, as a mid-market CIO, if you truly want to deliver on cloud computing's promise to the business.

Article écrit par Loic Simon - Club Alliances - IBM